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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Warmer Winter Temperatures Not Warm Enough to Cause Alarm

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

February's average temperature for the area is -3.7 degrees; in 2019 it was -13.4

Bayshore Broadcasting File Photo. 

As we reach the middle of February many people have been wondering where the usual Bruce County winter has been.

According to Environment Canada February's average temperature for the area is -3.7 degrees; whereas last year's average temperature in February was -13.4.

Saugeen Shores farmer and co-owner of Smith's Apple Farm Jim Mandry agrees this winter has been "noticeably warmer" however, it's not warm enough to make him anxious.

"So far I think we're pretty lucky," says Mandry, adding, "I'm very nervous of the possibility of the trees coming out of dormancy a little early this year, which could put us at risk of frost damage to the blossoms."

He says a tree can protect its blossoms up to certain temperature depending on its growth stage.

Mandry says he does fear what occurs when the weather swings, as over the past five years Bruce County has felt various fluctuating temperatures.

"Essentially what I'm seeing is we might end up with periods of stable good weather but then something will happen and it will massively swing either warm or cold and it's those things that go way outside of averages; that puts farming into a difficult position."

Farmers felt the sting of cold temperatures in 2012 which also increased the price of produce.

Mandry says if farms across the Province are affected by weather issues, prices could increase, however if only a few farms are affected due to their micro climate he doesn't think food costs will rise.

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