98 The Beach

98 The Beach

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wildcats Win

Saugeen Bluffs, Paisley | by Fred Wallace  

2017 Bob Atkinson Memorial Cross Country Races


2017 Bob Atkinson Memorial Cross Country Meet
Bluewater West Elementary Championship

at Saugeen Bluffs, Paisley

Overall Champions

1st Port Elgin Saugeen Central

Arran-Tara Elementary & Dawnview tied for 2nd place

Divisional Champions

Tyke Girls- Sullivan Community
Tyke Boys- Northport
Junior Girls- Dawnview
Junior Boys- Port Elgin Saugeen Central
Senior Girls- Port Elgin Saugeen Central
Senior Boys- John Diefenbaker

Individual Results

Tyke Girls
1st- Brooke Knights, Sullivan Community
2nd- Sophie Rock, Elgin Market
3rd- Lily King, Sullivan Community
4th- Riley McKechnie, Huron Heights
5th- Avery Filsinger, Walkerton Community
6th- Addison Enwright, Hanover Heights

Tyke Boys
1st- Eli Bouius, Dawnview
2nd- Charlie Marshall, Northport
3rd- Dylan Atkinson, Northport
4th- William Brown, Chesley District
5th- Kody Cook, Arran-Tara
6th- Finley Kirkpatrick, Elgin Market

Challenge Races

1st- Serenity Elijah, Northport
2nd- Shannon Madill, GC Huston
3rd- Linda Cotter, Huron Heights
4th- Shelley Furness, Lucknow

1st- Jesse Elijah, Paisley
2nd- Myles Jelly, Northport
3rd- Sam Law, Hillcrest ( Teeswater )

Junior Girls
1st- Jasmine Broere, Elgin Market
2nd- Ava Moric, Hanover Heights
3rd- Ashlyn Lantz, Dawnview
4th- Morgan Sinclair, Arran-Tara
5th- Alex Boyko, Dawnview
6th- Isabella Kaufman, Walkerton Community

Junior Boys
1st- Logan Burnham, Northport
2nd- Conner McIntosh, Mildmay
3rd- Luke McInnis, Dawnview
4th- Chris Hoffma, Port Elgin Saugeen Central
5th- Liam Doherty, Port Elgin Saugeen Central
6th- Aidan Stanley, Dawnview

Senior Girls
1st- Casey Beisel, Huron Heights
2nd- Raelyn Pennington, Lucknow
3rd- Claire Rands, Arran-Tara
4th- Brooklyn Quanz, Port Elgin Saugeen Central
5th- Lilly Van Geel, Port Elgin Saugeen Central
6th- Olivea Pope, Port Elgin Saugeen Central

Senior Boys
1st- Cohen Martin, John Diefenbaker
2nd- Tristan Bouius, John Diefenbaker
3rd- Jon Elzinga, John Diefenbaker
4th- Connor Heaney, Walkerton Community
5th- Ryan Snow, John Diefenbaker
6th- Wyatt Norman, Huron Heights


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