98 The Beach

98 The Beach

Robin Woods

Midday Host

About Me:
I'm from Keady and was a summer resident as a kid as my parents had a cottage here.  You'll hear me mention my two boys and my husband on the air.  I'm the only female in the house...even the dog and cat are males...but that's ok.  I'm a hockey mom & a baseball mom when I'm not here, spending the late morning and early afternoon with you.

Born: Born at the Owen Sound General & Marine hospital at the end of the baby boom

Real ambition: to be one of the idle rich!

Last purchase: a large double double

Favourite word/phrase/quote: "Whatever!"

First Job: working behind the lunch counter at the Keady Livestock Market

Before the Beach: after Fanshawe College, worked in Barrie & Collingwood before spending the next 21 years with the Bayshore Broadcasting family.

Indulgence: lots and lots of movies

Dangerous: always

Hidden talent: making dough (not money, pizza)

Unverified claim to fame: voice on the security system of the Twin Towers

Pets: Boomer the dog, Oliver the cat, various fish, two kids & a husband

Favourite song/artist/group: Van Halen (NOT Van Hagar!)

If I could change the world: no parent would have to worry about the safety of their kids

Your perfect day: a fun-filled day with my family


Photos by Taylor Rebecca Photography visit her online www.taylorrebecca.com



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