98 The Beach

98 The Beach

Mike Brough

Afternoon Host

Tell us about yourself: I’ve dug ditches… dug graves… drove trucks… owned bars… lost my shirt… once… twice… working on a third.  I’ve been off-and-on the radio for 35 years.  If life experience is important… I have a doctorate in that.  The older I get the softer I become.  I now cry as often as I laugh… and I laugh a lot.  I would fight to the death for my family (using words, of course).  My mother still buys my underwear.

Born: One of the last babies born in the old Lions Head hospital.

Real ambition: To be nicer than yesterday.

Last purchase: Water heater

Favourite word/phrase/quote: Be kind

First Job: Age five.  Gas jockey at Ferndale Garage.  75 cents a week.

Before you were at The Beach: At every other radio station in Ontario.

Indulgence: My shed and what lies within.

What you love about being on the radio: It is not a real job.

Hidden talent: I am a world class dancer…but do not perform on command.

Unverified claim to fame: I was one of the last people on earth to interview The Wolverine (Chris Benoit)

Pets: Lennie the cat. 

Favourite place near the Beach: My shed.

If I could change the world: I can’t….but I can and do make a difference in my community.

Your perfect day: August something…Saturday…my shed…a fresh notepad…dull pencil…beverage fridge full.



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