98 The Beach

98 The Beach

Tony Hann

Weekend Host

Tell us about yourself:  Born and bred on “The Rock” I’m the youngest of a brood of youngsters from Bob & Marge. I’m a St. John’s “Corner Boy” with roots in “The Bay”. I’ve done time at CHUM, Newcap and Newfoundland Broadcasting in St. John’s and after I ran out of radio stations to work for in St. John’s I decided to try my luck in “Canada” proper.

I usually spend my spare time going through boxes of dusty records at flea markets and antique stores looking for wax gems. I also spend too much money buying old turntables and record players. My pride and joy is a 1905 Edison Diamond Disc Player, so if you know anyone with Diamond Discs for sale….you know where I am.

I am also an avid “worm drowner” and plan on spending a lot of time looking to see what kind of critters I can pull out of the twin lakes.
Speaking of critters, my fiancé and I are also busy raising two young adults. My parents promise me they eventually move out and make their own money.

If you want to know more, tune in!

Born: November 15, St. John’s, NL

Real ambition: Independent Wealth (as soon as I figure out exactly what it is and how to do it.)

Last purchase: 2010 GMC Canyon

Favourite word/phrase/quote: “Patriotism is the last refuge, to which a scoundrel clings” (Bob Dylan “Sweetheart Like You”)

First Job: Pulling nails out of lumber at construction site.

Before you were here: CKLY (BOB-FM), Lindsay

Indulgence: Old Turntables, Old Records, Chocolate

What you love about being on the radio
: I look really good.

Hidden talent: Cooking/Baking

Unverified claim to fame: First guy to lose a fight in the Buchan’s Recreational Women's League

Pets: Wilma: Female: Cat: (?) We’re not sure how old she is, she kinda came with the house when we bought it.

Rocco: Male: Border Collie: 2.5 rescued with help of the Ontario Border Collie Rescue Association

If I could change the world: Neil Young would be Prime Minister and “Heart of Gold” would be the National Anthem.



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